Thursday, April 06, 2006

Not the actor.

Okay, Chevy Chase Bank, things are not looking good with you.  Nancy was rude, Donna was scary, and even though Lesley was courteous, it was obvious that she believed Chevy Chase could do no wrong and that I needed to be intimidated a little bit so I would go away and stop bothering her.  Plus, all three of these "ladies" told me things that were not true.  Some people would call that being a liar.  I am one of those people.
I also do not wish to pay, out of my escrow, the late fee that was tacked on to my last local tax payment, because Chevy Chase didn't get the check to the courthouse in time.  That's just not fair.  Janice the Menopausal Loan Officer and I went to the courthouse this morning to see what was going on with the tax payment, and that's how we found THAT out.  I really don't care if you're late or not, as long as you pay, but since YOU'RE paying, and not me, I think any late fees should be absorbed by YOU, and not by me.  It would also be nice if the correct amount of money was being paid, tax-wise, instead of the DOUBLE assessment you are calling my regular payment, which really helped jack up my bill. 
All in all, Chevy Chase Bank, I've totally changed my opinion about you.  In November of 2004, I thought you were great.  In April of 2006, I think you are totally devoid of moral character and simple numeric ability.  I don't like you any more, no, not a bit.  And I will tell everyone I know what I think.  You won't care, because you are a huge corporation with no heart, no soul, and scheisse for brains, but if I can save even one person from your chameleonistic death grip, I will be happy.  And believe me, "happy" is NOT how I am feeling about you tonight.
Oh, and please:  hire better quality customer service people.  The ones you've got right now don't know from dreck.
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