Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What big eyes you have! (and don't anyone DARE say "grandma.")

Everything on my computer has a huge font. My blog, your blogs, everything. I didn't change any settings. Even my email has a huge font. I went into my email options and sure enough, it was somehow set to "larger." I changed it back. It's still "larger" but I'm hoping it will settle down and be a good boy before the night is over.

But the blogs? How do I fix THAT?

And by the way, everybody's blogs look really freaky with those humongous fonts.

Tris? Help?

P.S. Just once, couldn't somebody else have a freaked-out computer? Please? Just to take the pressure off me for a little while?

In fact, the font on Qumana is really big on my monitor.

I need caffeine.

Update: "never mind." sigh. I am such a nimrod. I turned my computer off and on again, and things are fine now. Too bad everything isn't as easily fixed.

Ahem. I mean, "It's fine now; I fixed it myself."


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