Monday, March 06, 2006

Not judgemental much.

It's Monday, so after class I stopped at Marsh to pick up a few groceries.  The sales were wonderful; I do love me a triple-coupon/buy one, get one free day.
The store was nearly deserted at one in the afternoon, the shelves were newly-stocked for this big sale, there were five cashiers on duty, the lines were short, and I got through the store in twenty minutes.  It was pretty much just a bunch of senior citizens, and me.  And a woman with her two little boys.
But before I sign off, I would just like to say a word to the mother of the two little boys who were running up and down the aisles and screaming like banshees:
Did she not see those old people who were nearly knocked down?  Did she not see that people were staring, and glaring, and even frightened, and having to steer their carts carefully lest they hit or get hit by a careening out-of-control little boy?  Did she not hear all the noise rolling cans and falling boxes make, when they're bumped and dislodged?  Could she not hear the screeching laughter?  If my kids had even dreamed in the night about behaving like that, I would have set them straight so fast their little heads would still be spinning into next Thursday.
What in the world was WRONG with this woman?  Is it really possible for someone to be that selfish and stupid and nonchalant about the less-than-negative impression she and her rotten little sons were making there in the grocery store today? 
She's probably the kind who would sue the store if one of her little demons got hurt, too. 
Ahem.  More to the point, I saved nearly thirty dollars at the grocery store today.  And as for that woman who allowed her two brats to wreak havoc in a public place. . . . well, to quote Auntie Em. . . .
Yeah, well, I can't say it either.  Sigh.  But I was thinking it.
I hope she homeschools them, because I'm betting that she wouldn't allow the mean teacher to injure their delicate self-esteem by insisting on proper behavior.
Spawn of Satan, and her sons.  Today, at Marsh, in aisles 1 through 24, and at the speed of light.  Watch your footing, and come again.
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