Thursday, March 09, 2006

Music, Aliens, More Music, and Hogwarts.

Random playlist of music that came up while I was burning my MixMania cd's:
1.  Barenaked Ladies:  Be My Yoko Ono
2.  Leonard Cohen & Elton John:  Born To Lose
3.  Refreshments:  Sucker Punch
4.  Off Kilter:  The Rovin' Dies Hard
5.  Muse:  Ruled By Secrecy
6.  Paul Williams:  Phantom's Theme (Beauty and the Beast)
7.  David Essex:  A Winter's Tale
8.  Elliott Smith:  True Love
9.  Jump Little Children:  Angel Dust
10.  Pete Seeger:  Barbara Allen
11.  Roxette:  Listen To Your Heart
12.  Tommy Tutone:  867-5309
13.  Paul Mauriat:  Love Is Blue
14.  Viva Voce:  He Touches Stars
15.  Yvonne Elliman:  I Don't Know How To Love Him
16.  Pantera:  Proud To Be Loud
17.  Moxy Fruvous:  Every Grain of Sand
18.  Maria Friedman & Michael Ball:  I Wish I Could Forget You
19.  Ravel's "Pavane for a Dead Princess"
20.  Strauss's "Radetzky March"
And as I type:  The Chieftains:  T'Saimse "Im Chodladh.
(This is NOT my MixMania playlist; it's what I listened to whilst mixing it.)
MixMania participants, be sure to get your cd's mailed before March 17th, and to post your playlists on your blogs on April 1st.  But of course you all already KNEW that because you read Patriside's blog faithfully.  I wouldn't miss a day, that's for sure.  You'll find all the rules for MixMania on his blog, as well as some mighty fine writing.  Remember, too, that you're supposed to use HIS return address, not your own.  If you have any questions, you may ask me, but if you want a really good answer, you should ask him. 
As of 5:01 this afternoon, I'm officially on Spring Break.  I also got my latest Harry Potter movie in the mail today; Amazon rocks.  So guess what I'll be watching tonight! 
I found the DVD "Cocoon" in a bargain bin for three dollars the other day.  As I was reading the back of the case, I realized that I've never seen this entire movie, and I wanted to.  So I bought it and brought it home and put it in my kitchen player and I've been watching it in fits and starts for three days.  It's hard for me to sit down and watch a movie straight through.  This drives my daughter crazy, but it's just the way I do movies.  In and out of the kitchen, up and down from the chair, doing this and that while I watch, and sometimes turning the thing OFF and coming in here to blog for awhile. 
I finished it.  It rocked.  And the daughter who called the cops was played by Raquel Welch's real-life daughter. 
I do that all the time.  Find quirky trivia in movies, that is.    Ron Howard directed this movie, and his brother Clint and father Rance were both in it.  Cool.  I love to find funky nepotism in films.
Heck, if I were in charge of a movie, or anything else for that matter, I'd hire all my relatives and most of my friends, and make sure they got a cut, too.  Nepotism would be my middle name.  Besides, what's wrong with it, unless the relative was a nimrod and couldn't do the job properly?  I see nothing wrong in hiring relatives first, and I see nothing wrong in firing them post-haste if they prove unworthy.
Now, to get these cd's labelled and packaged and addressed.  I do love Jim's MixMania!
I think everyone should sign up for it, next time.  Yes, everyone in the whole world.  Wouldn't THAT be cool?  And please, if you DO sign up, don't then back out or, worse, don't just slack off and leave someone who mixed and burned and mailed without a cd in return.  That, my friends, is just reprehensible, and nice people would not do it.
Sign up, mix, burn, mail, get one in return.  See how easy it is?  And it's fun, too.  Free music, dudes. 
And now.  Harry Potter. 
I swear, I'm more addicted than any twelve-year-old on the planet. 
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