Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How I Found Ecstasy at Bob Evans

Tuesday is my long day, but it's also one of my favorite days.  Yes, I teach till way late on Tuesdays.  Yes, I start way early on Tuesdays.  But it's all okay, because on Tuesdays I get to EAT LUNCH IN A RESTAURANT WITH MY FRIEND WHO IS ALSO MY BOSS!!!!
You who get to eat lunch daily can have no inkling of how wonderful it is to A) have time to eat lunch, B) get to leave the building to eat lunch, and C) HAVE TIME TO LEAVE THE BUILDING AND GO TO A RESTAURANT FOR LUNCH.
Remember, for 26 years, I had 23 minutes for lunch.  I had to decide whether to hike to the restroom or eat lunch.  There wasn't time for both.  Now, I have an HOUR, and I get to leave the building and eat in a restaurant.  I'm disoriented from the coolness of it all.
If I keep saying it, maybe I can comprehend that it's really happening.
Yes.  In the course of my day, I not only get to GO TO THE BATHROOM, I get to have lunch. 
And there's a bottle of Diet Coke on my desk. 
Could Donald Trump be any happier?  Well, sure he could, he's got all that money and I don't have any.  But it doesn't really take money to create happiness, although since I have absolutely NO money I wouldn't really know. 
But I do know that for me, right now, getting to go to the bathroom, getting to have lunch, and getting to drink diet Coke during class, are making me very happy indeed. 
I'm also very grateful not to have Donald Trump's hair.  With his money, why doesn't he get a better hairdresser?  I'm just sayin.'  My hair isn't great but at least it isn't like his.
In fact, today, my hair looks a lot like Einstein's hair.  I think it's all the static in the air.  I really don't care.
That's a poem, isn't it.  Oh well, better Einstein than Trump.  Hair-wise, that is.  Wise-wise, too.
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