Friday, January 13, 2006

Pieces of me. (AAAAGH, that's an Ashlee Simpson song and I knew that even though I'm OLD!) (And I'm not lip-synching, either!)

I feel so refreshed! Still old, fat, wrinkly, and creaky, but refreshed. Nobody phoned. Nobody rang the doorbell. I slept 'till noon. It was wonderful.

Now it's on towards evening (Hoosier expression) and I WANT people to phone, knock on the door, bother me, etc. Un fortunately, I gave my home phone number to all of my students this semester, and they are using it. They are not calling before noon or after 11:00 p.m., but they are certainly calling. A lot. They are calling me at home a LOT. Oh well. I figure, they own me for a semester, and if they need me, I'm theirs. If this keeps up, I'll probably change my mind about that little philosophy.

When I have some time, I love to care for my house. All afternoon I've been shining things up around here. Dusting, sweeping, you name it. I loaded the dishwasher and even remembered to turn it on. Laundry. We have clean towels in this house! And dinner! Pot roast, potatoes, corn, green beens, yeast rolls, and pie. I love to cook, but seldom have time.

Belle's old futon is still in the guest room (formerly her room, till she grew up and moved out.) and tomorrow night she and some friends are driving down to take it apart and move it up to their apartment. So for a while, I will have a guest room without a bed. Fortunately, my sweet MIL has given me a queen bed, so Hub has put "bring bed to house and set up" on his long, long list of 'things to do before wife dies.' He keeps this list in his head, probably in the brain cell that would normally store birthdays and the ages of our children.

Anyway. When you come to visit me, you will have a real bed! Not a lumpy futon, but a real bed. And you'll have funky sheets with big funky psychedelidisco flowers on them. Guaranteed sweet dreams, in my house.

With the old futon gone, and with a real bed in there, maybe it's time I did some redecorating. Right now, the walls are still covered with, um, eclectic stuff. And this is the NORMAL wall in there.

Some day I will become mature, and decorate my home like other people do, with silk flowers and throw pillows and tasteful, coordinated stuff.
Until then, I will continue to be an old chick who still digs rock music, cool movies, and weird stuff, and who decorates her house with little pieces of personality.
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