Monday, January 02, 2006

Cheap lights and funky weather.

Hey, we've got electricity again! Just like city people!

The new year is starting out with a typical southern Indiana bang. It's sixty-four degrees outside, and it's been storming like April for a day and a half now. Lightning. Thunder. AMAZING thunder, in fact. Crane Naval Surface War Division is located just a few miles from here, and they often set off surplus bombs. That's what I thought it was, at first, because whoever heard of a thunderstorm in January? You all have, as of now.

There's nothing like having the dishes vibrate off the shelves during a big bomb disposal.

Southern Indiana. Where the weather can turn on you faster than gossip.

On second thought. . . . .

But I digress, as I so often do. It's in the sixties here, and it's been raining really hard, and the thunder is incredible, and the lightning is Zeus-like. And it's warm, WARM, and I went to WalMart this afternoon and I didn't even BRING my coat.

WalMart. In the AFTERNOON. Me.

The lights started to flicker and go out, come back on, flicker, go out, come back on, flicker. . . .you get the picture, around 2 a.m, at which time I turned off my computer lest it be struck and infected with storm-gnash, or become host to Aliens that would lay eggs in my hard drive and use my files for nourishment. Around six thirty this morning, the lights came back on, waking up Hub. I vaguely remember him muttering something hardly complimentary as he walked through the house turning off the lights. Whatever, they didn't bother me. When my eyes are closed, it's dark. Duh.

It being vacation, and none of the children being home, we slept in past noon. When we finally did drag our lazy worthless selves out of bed to face the day, we still had no power.

We had a good laugh at ourselves when we entered the garage expecting that new door opener to let us out. Hmm. I don't think so.

So, we went to town in Hub's pickup truck. Yup, yup.

First stop: Grecco's. Mmmm, pizza. Next stop: WalMart. Yikes, I greatly fear WalMart, but I went, and I went INSIDE, and I'm glad I did, because I bought a lot of Christmas tree lights for 75% off. We drove home, stuffed with pizza, and with a truck-bed full of lights, into the East and another front wafting this way. Who knows what kind of weather tomorrow will bring?

I'm on vacation, so who cares? Just keep my power on, so I can blog, that's all I ask.

April in January. We have had January in May here before, so I guess we should all count our blessings. Ah, Indiana. What I said.

We Hoosiers will enjoy April in January for most of the week, until Friday, when the temperature is due to drop and the snow is due to start falling. You know, just in time to totally mess me over because Monday I go back to school.

Indiana. If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes.


What's up with this? Blogger keeps telling me I've used up all my allotted space and can't post any more. I deleted a few old posts and it finally posted this one. I didn't know I had a limit.

Perhaps it's time to move elsewhere. Any suggestions? Please bear in mind that I am a total moron when it comes to technology, and I would need a place that's as easy as Blogger.

"Exceeded my limit." I recall a time when that little phrase had quite a different meaning.
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