Tuesday, November 22, 2005

When the postman rings at all, I know I've got LOOT!

I got a big package in the mail today; can you guess who it was from?

Why, it was from sweet Lu! Oh, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so very much!

And she packed it with such care and attention to detail! Whose details? MINE! She remembered all my quirks and preferences, and she stuck a little something in there to please them all. Well, most. (um. . . .)

Tea, and lavendar incense. Shower gel. WHITE Hostess snowball cupcakes. LAY'S potato chips. A peace symbol magnet to reflect my former hippie self. The coolest pen EVER. And more, and more, and MORE!

She sent me a report card, on which she may have exaggerated a bit, but oh Lu, thank you for that. And the sweet little note from her daughter just made my morning!

There are so many lovely people in the world. Are you reading this, Lu? Look in the mirror, Lu.

If I had a camera, I'd take a picture of my gorgeous loot so you could all see what a great person my sweet friend is, and the care she took in packing this box. As it is, you will all just have to picture in your minds me, grooving over a box of thoughtful gifts, sent by a dear friend who has been much in my thoughts, especially lately.

Thank you, sweet Lu. I love it, and I love YOU.

Hey, that made a little poem! Man, I'm just that good.

So, Lu, have a safe journey west, and may this visit prove a positive turning point for both of you. You both know where I stand, and you both know where I live, just in case.
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