Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday night

I did not go hate-gawking this morning after all. I figured that a big audience was something they wanted, and I didn't want to give them anything they wanted. Besides, I have enough trouble in my life. . . . I didn't need to borrow any more from the likes of them. They're gone now, to stir things up (ie promote evil and intolerance) in some other town.

Life is so short. Why must people be so nasty?

The whole thing has made me sad. I didn't need any help in that area, either. Thanks a lot, Fred. You barking moonbat.

I needed music.

Sunday random playlist:

1. Girls With Guitars - Dave Matheson
2. An Eagle in your Mind - Boards of Canada
3. Cliff Notes Theater - Bob and Tom
4. Day-Old Hate - Dallas Green
5. Another Night in Tunisia - Bobby McFerrin and Manhattan Transfer
6. Why Can't I Breathe - Liz Phair
7. Endearing Young Charms - Nunnies
8. Sad Cowboy Song - Red Elvises
9. Blow Wind Blow - Moxy Fruvous
10. Summer - Vivaldi - London Symphony
11. Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice - PDQ Bach
12. Pulmonary Archery - AlexisOnFire
13. She Will Have Her Way - Neil Finn
14. Moondance - Van Morrison
15. I Would Die For You - Jann Arden
16. If I Threw My Guitar - Cake
17. How To Tell A Witch - Monty Python
18. Mandatum Novum Do Vobis [Antiphonal and Psalm 132] - Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos
19. In Aimsirs Bhaint an Fheir - Connie Dover
20. Amazing Grace - Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger

Eclectic enough for ya?

My sweet MIL took us for BBQ ribs at Rusty's again tonight. The Sunday night karaoke wasn't quite as shrill as usual, but the guy who kept singing "A Boy Named Sue" needs to tone down the shouting. Also, the Beatles' "Oh Darling" just isn't a song for a woman's voice. Not that woman's voice, anyway.

I'm thinking that maybe I won't grade any more papers tonight, and that I will try to get to bed earlier than usual. There is something about the last few days that has drained me.

Currently playing: Watching The White Wheat - The King's Singers

I hope you all have a great week.
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