Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My children always obeyed Cowboy Bob.

Tornadoes are, as I write, ripping through parts of southern Indiana again. Bloomington, where both my children live, is supposed to be hard hit. Belle called me about an hour ago and told me to take shelter, and assured me that she and her roommate and neighbors were clustered out in the hallway. This comforted me greatly until I pictured them there, and realized that their hallway has three solid walls and a huge WINDOW WALL.

Heaven help me, did she not pay attention to Cowboy Bob all those formative years, as he regularly instructed his viewing audience in what to do when tornadoes strike? (This is southern Indiana; tornado education is part of the regular school curriculum.) Cowboy Bob TOLD her what kind of shelter to take, and he specifically mentioned avoiding windows. Especially huge three-story window-walls.

Come to think of it, Cowboy Bob was the one who also told my children it was nap time, and snack time, and time to pick up toys. Cowboy Bob told my children he agreed with their Mommy about looking both ways before crossing the street, and trying at least one bite of mystery foods before making up their minds about it, and asking permission before going outside. Cowboy Bob told my children to go to the bathroom before lying down for their nap.

We used to watch Cowboy Bob's show in college and perhaps we giggled and poked fun just a little bit. . . . . I apologize, Cowboy Bob. Had I known then, what I know now, I would have taken you more seriously. Even when we would see you in real life, still wearing that cowboy suit and hat, and always with the dog. . . . .

I mean, if adults buy shampoo, cars, and novels the way a celebrity tells us to, why shouldn't a little child eat, sleep, and pee the way a celebrity tells them to?

And in these parts, my friends, Cowboy Bob was about as cool a celebrity as they come.

Yes, and his buddy Sourdough the Singing Biscuit, too. And his faithful dog, Tumbleweed. He had a horse, too, but I was never into that. I mean, my kids weren't. (oops)

My brother and sisters watched the show as children, too. Heck, Cowboy Bob was on the air for sixteen years. But my sibs weren't big fans or anything. Oh, no, never that. And my sister didn't search for years and finally find Cowboy Bob's Christmas Album and give it to our brother for Christmas a few years ago, either. That would just be silly.

I'm tellin' you, the guy was a local icon.

Now, where was I. . . . oh yes. Tornadoes are a'comin, so take shelter. Cowboy Bob said so.
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