Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I use my shoes as furniture.

Once again, it's nearly one in the morning and here I am blogging instead of packing up my briefcase for tomorrow's class. I'm really tired, too.

If I had a footstool, I'd put my feet up. I do have a pile of shoes under my desk; I guess that will have to do. It's pretty high; the entire summer's collection of footwear is under there, plus a few select fall podiatal fashions. (Translation: my sandals and my loafers)

Well, I'm usually sitting here when I take my shoes off. And when they're under the desk, I can't remember their existence. That's when I run frantically through the house, looking for two shoes that match.

Eventually I remember to look under this desk, and I calm down, and I go to school with matching shoes.

I used to have a pair of navy blue shoes but I gave them away. They looked too much like black in the early morning, through sleep-glazed eyes, and more than once I've worn them when I intended to wear the black.

I'm not going to tell you about the times I wore one of each.

I'm not exactly a fashion statement. Well, yes I am, but not the sort anyone would wish on themselves.

Why am I up so late, when I have to go to school in the morning? It's because I'm still lost in the glow of having company. Yes, I've had company tonight. Precious, beloved company, and I can't wait 'till they come back again.

And I've also had company right here on this blog. Precious, beloved company, and I can't wait 'till YOU come back again.

When Michele sends her friends to my blog, I feel as though a Queen has noticed me, and sent others to visit with me too. I wonder, truly I do, how she can be so absolutely cool. In her own inimitable way, she IS the Queen.

Okay, I can't stay awake any more. I'm going to bed before I either bonk my head on the keyboard, or get a second wind and start babbling even more nonsense than I usually babble.

Senator Kennedy - caps, it's specific

the senator - no caps, it's generic

Okay, my lesson is ready for tomorrow.

G'night all.
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