Sunday, November 13, 2005

Food, holly, backsides, and crotches.

I made a HUGE pan of homemade lasagna yesterday, so I won't have to actually cook today, or tomorrow, either. Hub and Zappa have already plowed through half of it.

I don't care for it myself but I love to make it. It's one of those dishes that's fun to put together.

Now that I think about it, most of the foods I love most to make, are not foods that I like to eat. How odd.

And since I don't personally care that much for it, it's hard to know if it turns out well. I have to follow people around the house begging for commentary. Because, "fine" isn't what a cook wants to hear. I want to hear "FANTASTIC, please PILE MORE OF IT ON MY PLATE" and other non-slanted opinions.

Speaking of plates, though. . . . I confess. I'm already using my Christmas dishes and glassware. I was listening to some Christmas music (okay, oKAY, I've already got all of that out, too!!) and suddenly I just wanted to get them out.

Many of the people on this road already have their Christmas trees up, and their houses covered with lights. I do not go that far. I like my holidays individualized, thank you, not a mishmash of combinations. But I've blogged about that before.

I do not want my house to look like an early October WalMart seasonal aisle, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas things sitting side-by-side as if they were supposed to. Because they're NOT supposed to. Don't let them touch; it's just wrong. WRONG.

And now I'm going to go eat some leftover meat loaf (we always have lots of leftover meat loaf because nobody likes my meatloaf but me.) on a pretty plate with a Christmas tree surrounded by a wreath of smiling children and Christmas holly on it.

Oh, and speaking of holly. . . . . I have a HUGE bunch of it in a vase on my coffee table. It's like a smallish tree. I love it.

And there's still a huge pile in the backside yard. Come and get some. If you put it in water, it'll take root!

Yes, I said backside yard. What would you expect from a woman who maintains a crotch garden in the front?

Besides, the backside yard is different from the plain back yard. Duh.

About that meatloaf: I guess it IS pretty bad. Maybe I'm just used to it.
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