Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mother of the Year. If by 'Mother' we mean half of a hyphenated word. . . . .

I was chatting last night with the fantabulous Patriside. He sent me this link and asked me what I thought of it.

When I could get my breath back after that huge horrified gasp, I told him that my opinion of it was probably the same as his. It was such a mixture of disgust, horror, and incredulous almost disoriented mom-fury, that I could barely comprehend it.

I wanted to stand up and scream. I wanted to grab the phone and CALL somebody, CPS, anybody, and demand that they do "something."

But what is it, exactly, that decent sentient people can do about parents such as these, who are raising their children to be bigots? Parents who are raising their children to be intolerant of everyone who doesn't look like them? Parents who are encouraging their children to spread the gospel of hatred and prejudice? Parents who have taught their children to use their talents to hurt others? Parents who feel completely justified and even smug about teaching their children to despise and hate and set themselves above other people in almost every way?

In America, where everyone except the hardworking and nice have so many rights, I doubt there is anything we can do. Free speech, and I am not knocking that, will no doubt prevail.

Don't anyone think for a MINUTE that I would argue against free speech, or any of the basic human rights everyone* in this country enjoys.

I just wonder about the wisdom of allowing people who believe in and teach and instill 'hatred' and 'intolerance' and 'supremacy,' etc, to breed. We can't stop them, of course, but it's sure heart-breaking to see them multiply.

I keep thinking of Malcolm's quote from Jurassic Park: Just because we CAN doesn't mean we SHOULD.

I'm not sure why, because I haven't figured out exactly how it connects to this issue, but for whatever reason, that line keeps going through my mind.

Why do some people have to be so negative, so hate-filled, so smug and so self-satisfied in their very, very correct only-right-way point of view? This particular family's particular beliefs are only one of many families, and many beliefs that have resulted in societal and ethical negatives.

These parents have taught their daughters to believe that the White Supremacy doctrines of Nazi Germany were right and correct. They've taught their daughters to revere Rudolph Hess, etc.

Our country's schools are, of course, not good enough for these children**, and they've been home-schooled by these parents all their lives. Never associated much with other kids, never socialized much, never met very many people. . . . .

Poor kids. Poor, poor, racist, prejudiced, bigoted kids.

Apparently they were never allowed or encouraged to do any thinking on their own. They were just encouraged to repeat back what 'values' *** their parents held. Like parrots.

This family makes me sick. Such a waste of talent. Such evil, hate-filled teachings.

Heaven help their children. The parents are adults who know better but who have chosen to spread hate, but Heaven help them anyway.

The time has long passed when these girls should have reached the level of questioning authority. They are old enough now to realize that not everyone agrees with such nasty beliefs, and yet they've chosen to to embrace them and to spread the hate themselves.

I wonder if the time will ever come when these girls experience an epiphany. Will they ever suddenly buck up and realize that their family's entire way of life is perverted? Will they ever realize what they've done, and be ashamed? One can only hope so.

And in the meantime, we can also hope that anyone unfortunate enough to hear their cute, perky messages of hate will be smart enough to realize that these girls are brainwashed nits.

*well, a few people anyway

**public schools have their dark side, but compared to the home-schooling these girls get, the schools don't seem nearly as bad as I usually think they are.

***values such as hate, prejudice, 'holier than thou,' and "we're better than you."
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