Saturday, September 17, 2005

My brother is in a band, too; but I'll brag about him another time.

My sister and BIL sure put on a heck of a show this afternoon at the Celtic Fest in Indianapolis. There may have been a few other musicians performing today, possibly in the same band and on the stage at the same time, but none of them could so much as touch my beautiful sis and her equally beautiful husband. Such talent. And so selfish of them to hog it all and not disperse it among the other sisters. The Irish Airs were the highlight of the day.

Belle drove my car, with me and two of her friends. We met my sister and a dear friend inside the gates, and proceeded to the stage area. There weren't many seats left (word gets out!) but we found some and settled in.

(As I walked into the area, my BIL looked up from his sound system and keyboard, etc, and called out "Here's Jane" which made me an instant temporary celebrity too. All eyes were on me for maybe thirty seconds, after which I became one of the many fans, sitting in the audience. Nobody asked me for an autograph afterwards, either. I was shocked.)

Of today's Irish Airs program, my three favorites were: "I'll Tell Me Ma," "She Moved Through The Fair," and the Celticization of Bob Dylan's "Girl From The North Country."

My BIL's band was much better than either of the featured bands. I won't mention their names, lest they find out what I said and become devastated.

Now, if only they book Great Big Sea for next year, a modicum of perfection might be dangled before me, to give me hope for the future. It would be a nice change.

Great Big Sea. Way to go, Murray!!!! Yes, I love your brown shirt and your sexy bum and your very, very, very long (but sweet) face.

And whatever happened to the album that was supposed to be titled 'Way To Go Murray?' Was it nothing but a brash claim? I'm devasted by its non-appearance.

Why does every band I fall in love with ALWAYS break up go on hiatus?

I swear, my approval is like the kiss of death. And this also works for restaurants. I've shut down more restaurants and broken up more bands than anyone else in the universe, just with my patronage and repeat business.

My, my, my, this post is full of obscure references. I wonder who can make sense of them. . . .
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