Thursday, August 04, 2005

Under the microscope, they have sharp jaggedy edges.

I'd heard from many sources that a kidney stone is one of the most horrifically painful things that can happen to a person. After last night, I believe it.

Not me. Hub.

The pain started around 2 in the afternoon and got progressively worse, making our Pizza Hut venture a less-than-enjoyable date. By four he was ready to go to the emergency room.

Golly, "if only" someone had suggested that earlier on.

Once there, he was poked, prodded, and iv'd till he drifted off into lala land courtesy of some very fine drugs indeed. Yes, they must have been lovely drugs, and they worked fast.

We got home around midnight. He's miserable and high as a kite and vomitous and, and, and, well, you get the picture. Poor Hub; he almost always gets sick a few days before school starts. I'm sure it's a coincidence as the starting of school is viewed with great eagerness by him.

Really, it is. Well, mostly.

He loves his job and his students, and when we go out we almost always see a few of his students or former students and they are always glad to see him and vice versa.

Last night in the emergency room, for example. Good thing the nurse got a good grade in calculus, huh. . . . . (JAB! POKE! PROD!)

It's a small world, especially in a small town. I used to date her uncle.

I'm leaving Hub all alone, in pain and high, in a few minutes as this is the day Zappa has to move out of his temporary apartment and into his REAL one. And then tonight is Final Exam night at the college.

I'm going to count those 'happy pills' before I leave.

I hope I remember to buy cat food tonight; poor Charlie Gordon has been dining on cat food crumbs and dust for the past two days. Although the pile of feathers leads me to believe that maybe he's got another source of food as well. At least I haven't stepped on a headless mouse lately; either he's eating the whole thing now or he's not resorting to that yet.

The cat food goes really fast when you're feeding all the neighbor cats and feral woodland cats, as well as your own. Not to mention every racoon, possum, and bird in the immediate vicinity.

And now I'm going to get ready to go. I think I'll proof my Mixmania cd on the trip up.

Yes, I have my car back. YAY for cars with cd players!

Because, you know, without a player, people would have to hear me sing allllll the way there and back. Scary? You have no idea.
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