Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Thises and thats. . . .

New network card: nothing. I was really hoping it would work. Anthony, what now?

Thursday night: midterm exam. Wow, that sure sneaked up on me. I'd better get to work on that.

I hate not having access to my own computer. It's always awkward, to use somebody else's computer. It's not set up for my whimsical ways, and I can't change anything on it because that's just rude.

It still seems odd to have a Fourth of July without tons of kids running all around the house and yard, setting off all kinds of fancy sparkly banging things on the basketball court. As it happened, we didn't even set off the old bottle rockets and odd fireworks after all; we listened to the neighbor boys setting off theirs, and then we were tired and went to bed. Man, things have sure changed around here. I don't half like it.

Anthony, come back. . . . save the life of my poor computer, please? Because with only me to care for it, it's dying.

Only a little while longer till the new Harry Potter book comes out. I can't wait. There is no ten-year-old kid more eager to read it, than I am.

I'm meeting Frau at four thirty tomorrow, at the Chinese restaurant. That is definitely something to look forward to; she's such good company, and she's so very nice. What would we do without friends?

(I call her Frau because she was Belle's high school German teacher. Everybody calls her Frau.)

I've been offered a full six-class load at the College next fall. Oh, please, everyone, cross your fingers that all six classes 'make.' We need the money desperately.

My class meets in a computer lab at the College. The lab always has several people working in it, before my class starts. Sometimes, when we're testing, students come in to use the computers then, too. It's weird, because almost every night, there is a group of students in that lab who seem to know me, but I can not for the life of me place any of them. I've taught so many students in my career that it's hard sometimes to remember names now, but I've always been fairly good at recalling faces and I do not remember any of these faces. I'd ask them their names, but it's been so long now I'd feel stupid doing that. So I guess I'll just continue feeling stupid NOT knowing their names, heh. I hope I get this room for the fall. It's hard teaching this writing class if the students don't have access to a computer for some of it.

I saw Zappa for a couple of hours this afternoon, and after my class I took Belle and Anthony to the new Cheeseburgers in Paradise restaurant. It was great fun. They had live music, which is always cool even when all you can say about it is, it was live. Thursday nights are Karaeoke nights, but I don't plan to go then so your windows and your sensibilities are both safe.

Any day that I get to see both my babies is a good day.

In fact, the only really bad thing about today was that my computer is still wonky.

And if my computer is wonky, then I'm wonky too. So look out. Wonky oldish chick on the loose.
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