Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Round him up, mooooove him out.

We spent the day helping Zappa pack up all his things in preparation for yet another move. He has moved every summer since he was nineteen years old, but this move was a little different. He likes his apartment complex, and plans to stay, and had signed a lease for the coming year way back in March; the difference is that he is moving from a two-bedroom to a one-bedroom apartment.

Same complex, same building, in fact. No problem.

There still isn't any problem, just a little inconvenience. You see, his new apartment won't be ready for him for three more weeks, and the apartment management already rented his old apartment to someone else.

Just a little miscalculation on their part, for which they are doing their best to compensate.

Today we moved him to a one-bedroom apartment just one floor below his old apartment, where he will live for three weeks. He will then move AGAIN, to his new digs, where he will stay for years and years, I hope.

In other words, for three weeks he will be living in a storage bin surrounded by boxes, with a few towels and changes of clothing, a gigantic stereo, and a bed. I guess if you're 25, that's enough stuff to get by for a few weeks.

I took a shower but I still smell like bleach and disinfectant. And my fingers are still wrinkled, or maybe that's the old age showing. . . .

Both my kids live in the same apartment complex. Their buildings are on opposite ends of it but it's the same parking lot. I find this amusing, and very convenient. This was entirely coincidental, too.

We finally quit working around four thirty, and took Zappa and his friend to get a bite to eat; I met my dear sweet friend Frau there, and we had a lovely chat as we always do. Hub sat there with us and ate his dinner, patiently enduring our giggles.

I brought Zappa's laundry home with me, so my washer and dryer will be running nonstop for most of the night.

And later tonight, I'll get the secret snack I bought Tuesday night out of the refrigerator and pour a glass of milk and do some serious munching as I read my new book and get all happy because the washer and dryer are both going full speed so technically I'm working but really I'm reading and eating my favorite candy and making a milk mustache like the celebrities do and did I mention I have a new book?

I highly recommend the entire series. It's not a knockoff of Harry Potter, not at all; it's a unique series all its own, with a fascinating storyline and great characters. Go for it. You'll love it, and your kids will love it too.

If you're wondering why I had to hide my secret snack in the 'fridge instead of inside the crockpot like I usually do, there's a really good reason for that.

I bought it, put it in my briefcase, and left the briefcase in the car since I already did my xeroxing and grading for the week. And tonight, when I remembered, well, let's just say that chocolate candy doesn't do all that well in this kind of heat, intensified by being shut inside a car.

I don't care though. I'll eat it anyway.

Oh, and I'm counting on you all not to tell Hub where I hide the candy. Because, then I'd have to, like, SHARE it and stuff.
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