Sunday, July 03, 2005

Roses are red, my love, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, my love, but not as sweet as you.

Check out my $1.99 Big Lots rosebush this year. Do not focus on the white powdery bug-be-gone dust. Look instead at those beautiful blossoms. And this is just one of many clusters, all over the bush. Why pay a small fortune for roses when you can get this for $1.99?

Well, my computer hasn't given me the blue screen of death, covered with squiggly white writing that tells me Windows XP has detected a problem (insert ever-changing problem here) and has shut down to prevent damage to my computer, for about a day and a half now.

This is quite possibly because my computer will no longer connect to the internet. And nothing we've tried so far has convinced it otherwise.

Fortunately for me, Belle is coming down tonight, and she's bringing with her the fabulous Anthony, who is a computer genius and who is going to use his magic on my stupid computer. I am hoping, hoping, hoping, that it's something fixable, because I have no money to take it back to Powersource, and anyway, I'm starting to have my doubts about Powersource as the Hall of Computer Magic. I'm starting to think it's a cover for a home-owned Credit Union. Well, I know I've made several deposits there, and seen very little return. . . . .

Thank goodness Hub lets me use his computer when he's not busy using it to save the universe from alien destruction.

My borrowed kids have been returned. Sigh. It's still way too quiet in this house. And I can't blast my music because Zappa is here, and he's napping. What's with these people anyway? Sleep, sleep, sleep.

I've been gathering up the kids' forgotten things. I'll mail them off in a day or two.

Okay, so I got up at one today. At least I got up.

I love my house best when it is full of beloved peoples. It's too quiet when it's semi-empty. Even when I shake the walls with music, it's still too quiet.

I like to hear happy excited voices. Except in the movie theater, of course. In the movie theater, the only voices that should be heard are coming from the big thumpin'-loud speakers.

At home, I like to hear those voices in every room.

Oh well.

I guess I'll go cover the piano keys and straighten up the Disney videos, and throw the sheets into the washing machine.

After while.

(I owe several people a meme; I haven't forgotten, and I'll do them first thing when I get my own computer back.)
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