Sunday, July 10, 2005

Mixmanias (PLURAL), parties, and the facts of life.

Last night's party: Tons of fun, awesome food, lovely people. Some of you might even know a few of the guests. Besides me, I mean. We played some lively informative games, and we all left knowing quite a bit more about each other than we did when we first arrived. In fact, I'd say that we all garnered some prime blackmail material last night. Fortunately, or unfortunately, (pick word of your personal choice) we're all too civilized to utilize any facts to our financial advantage.

Before you go getting any IDEAS, please note that it was primarily a church party.

Of course, I bet I'm not the only one who learned the facts of life at Baptist Camp. It was about time, too; I mean, I was in the seventh grade and dumber than a box of rocks about such matters. I was still far too naive, in fact, even when I entered university. Such naivity is dangerous, so I hope all you parents out there are educating your children accordingly.

Yes, my sister and BIL throw a great party. Thanks, Di and Tim.

That's the good news. Now for the bad. Well, for me, that is.

My computer is still down. I'm still backing up my files. I'm on cd #51 now, and I'm still not finished backing up my MP3's. Do I maybe have too much music on my computer? No. There is no such thing as too much music in any kind of category.

As long as it's to my own personal taste, of course. Tee hee.

I hate not having my own computer. I hate not being able to download songs that awesome trusted friends post on their blogs for such purposes. I hate not having access to my picture files, and my tests and worksheets and college-related files.

On a funky sort of note, yesterday's mail brought forth TWO mixmania cd's: one from the past mixmania, and one from the latest one. The first one has been traveling around the country for quite a while, even though it was addressed correctly; the second one arrived right on time. I'm going to listen to them both in a few minutes, as Hub is wanting his computer back and I have to give up my seat. Such nerve.

I'll post commentary on both mixmania's later tonight. You know, when Hub's finished saving the universe from evil invasive forces.

For now, I will say THANK YOU to both senders-of-beautiful-music, and I'm really REALLY looking forward to having a good listen.

And whenif I ever get my computer back, I can download both sets of songs on my hard drive!
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