Friday, July 08, 2005

Dead computer, several days' worth of music, shredded newspapers, parties, wasps, and scenery.

My computer is dead. Belle and Anthony are going to try and come down again on Sunday night to see what they can save, but I have a bad feeling about it. My assignment from them, until then, is to back up everything I want to save, and to NOT turn it off, lest it not turn back on. There are gremlins sitting on the speaker-tops, and poltergeists dwelling in the hard drive. I'm discovering more MP3's that I've never seen before, and many of my own songs are gone. This is really getting old. Anthony hopes that another thorough and complete wipe will maybe do the trick, but he also says that when a computer has been as thoroughly compromised as mine has been, it's probably time to junk it and start anew. Unfortunately, that would require money and I have no money. Hence, the last-ditch efforts to resusitate the old computer. Sigh. Bless you, Smart Anthony, for all your attempts to save me money and supply me with a workable computer.

A thorough wipe cleans other things; maybe it will work for my poor haunted computer.

It only took a few minutes to back up all the tests and files, but that was the easy part.

I've been saving all my MP3 files. I started last night and I'm still saving files. I'm on cd #21 and I'm still on the "D's." Oh, did I mention that I have over eight thousand music files on my computer? This will take a while.

In the meantime, Hub is letting me use his computer even though he's worried that I will somehow contaminate his hard drive, too, with my wily and all-exploring ways. But really, I mostly just blog, and read other blogs. I'm not the experimental type. Heh.

In spite of the drought, our grass keeps growing. I went out early this evening to mow a little, but probably it's best to do that when the light is good. In the dim, I didn't see the folded newspaper that had blown off one of the deck chairs, and now the back yard looks like somebody shredded the New York Times all over it. Sorry about that, Hub.

I'm kind of hoping there's a strong breeze tonight so I won't have to rake up all that paper tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow, we're going to a PARTY!

Maybe it will take my mind off my poor sick computer, and Hub's mind off the big wasps' nest he found under the hood of the van, when he lifted it to change the battery. . . . .

Man, those wasps sure get mad easily. I mean, just because Hub rocked their world by lifting the van's hood, and then sprayed the nest with wasp-be-dead-4-evah, and slammed it shut so they could all breathe it in, the survivors and those who were out shopping at the time of the Death Spray felt like they had to get all medieval on him.

We're leaving early in the afternoon. Belle is taking us to La Torre for lunch, and then maybe we'll hit a scenic route. We have lots of those down here.


And now, I'm going going to go to the kitchen and make two pies to take to the party. I'm thinking one blueberry and one pecan. Does that sound good to any of you?
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