Sunday, June 26, 2005

Those grim grinning ghosts are creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, when they come out to socialiiiiiize.

I hope my houseguests are having as much fun as I am.

I think Mother Nature is trying to entertain them, too. Today we were sitting at the kitchen table watching "Scrooged" and one of the baby kittens from next door climbed up the deck-lattice and played on the patio for us. There's just nothing quite as cute as a fluffy baby kitten, rolling and lying on its back waving its paws, and chasing things. When we turned the doorknob it got frightened and ran away. Tonight, after it got dark, we looked at the French doors and saw a couple of those tree frogs with suckers on their hands and feet, climbing up the glass.

But the best, the very best thing Mother Nature showed us today was the tiny spotted fawn and its mother, walking leisurely behind the basketball court, followed by another doe. Yes, folks, Bambi has two mommies.

I had never seen a fawn that small before. It was so perfect, it hardly looked real.

It's still June and already my flowers are starting to die. This is some kind of record for me, as my flowers usually hold on till the middle of July before they start to die. I do not know why they die. One day they're looking good, and the next day they're looking not-so-good, and then they look droopy, and then they lie flat down on the ground, and then they die. I know it's hot, but I water them twice a day and I think happy thoughts about them when I do so.

I KNOW it's hot because we tried to play badminton at eleven o'clock this morning and the air tried to kill us.

The kids went to bed early tonight, around ten-thirty. I musta wore them plumb out.

I've got the two Addams Family movies laid out for tomorrow, along with The Haunted Mansion. I guess we'll call tomorrow Spooky Day.

And there's nothing like a great brain-freeze on a traumatically hot day. Yay, Hawaiian Shave Ice!

(My computer is, of course, at the shop again. I'm on Hub's so I don't have access to my files, etc. That's why I can't post a picture of me from back in the eighties, like everyone else seems to be doing. Yes, that's why I can't do that. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm still wearing my hideous acid-washed denim jacket with the green pockets. )

That jacket is quite the stylish number. Just ask Belle; she's been wanting to burn it for twenty years.
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