Friday, June 17, 2005

It wasn't Rex who murdered your child, you horrendous mother, you.

I found this article over on Donyell's blog.

It made me so angry I still can't quite see straight.

(Donyell always has something interesting on her blog.)

Articles about unbelievably stupid parents really upset me. This mother is a doozy. This mother is a real winner.

Sometimes "mother" is just half of a compound word.

Poor little kid. Read the article and weep for him.

Don't waste your tears on his mother, though. She doesn't deserve any kind of consideration at all.

Yes, I'm mean about such things. How DARE this woman put her child at risk like this. She doesn't deserve to have a precious child.

And now she doesn't.

Thanks, Donyell, for the information.
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