Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ice cream for my guests, but none for the "graduates."

The fabulous Mellie Helen sent me this, but I'm not saying any more about it because I can't. It makes me too angry. Besides, I might hurt somebody's self esteem. Although, people who keep their self esteem out where life can trip over it are just asking for it. Man, I hate stupid people.

Oh, sorry, is my cronemudgeon-ness showing? (I love that word, Grace, you awesome wonderful person you!)

Thank you, Mellie Helen. I'm adding this article to my files. You always know what I like to read, dontcha.

My house is full of beautiful fabulous company, and I'm having a blast. Their favorite things seem to be reading and watching movies, and since my house is packed full of books and movies. . . .

The week of their visit has been my favorite summer week for several years now. I LOVE THIS WEEK!!!!!!

I'm taking them to class with me on Tuesday night. I'd let them participate, but they might ruin the curve. These kids are smart, and sweet, and nice, and funny, and interesting. They are also the best-behaved kids I've ever encountered. Their parents have done, and are doing, a wonderful job with them.

In a little while, we're going to town for ice cream. Also to take my stupid computer back to Powersource, its home away from home. I am really, really sick of computer trouble.

That article really makes me mad. I experienced the exact same thing for 26 years so I'm not surprised, and I don't really know why I'm still so angry, except that I know exactly why I'm still so angry. The world doesn't need any more ignorance; we've already got plenty, thank you, without calling it by a euphemism and giving it a diploma. (Those kids don't even deserve an alternative diploma. They deserve NOTHING, because that's what they put out. Do nothing, get nothing. That's what should be done.) There is no rationalization. There is only a really stupid decision by administrators, and a bunch of do-nothing kids who are no doubt smirking with satisfaction at yet another triumph over (supposedly) adult poor judgement.

Yes, I definitely need ice cream now. It's already almost ninety degrees and my temper is mounting at the thought of those happy graduates and their beaming parents.

Any excuse for ice cream. It's good for my fragile self esteem. Besides, I have company, really good company, and I'm sure they'd like some ice cream, too.
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