Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chinese opera, Element Lad, and the Silver Surfer

Don't forget to go to Patriside's blog and sign up for the June MixMania.

I drove up to Bloomington today just for fun, to have a late lunch. Blog friends are the greatest, Noodletown has good soup and Chinese opera-singing cooks, and on the drive home I experienced 'scattered showers.'

[edit: while there I came across this really frightening character who forced me to let him add a viable link to this song so many of you have wanted. Click here for the song. I gave him bread so he'd go away.]

I could actually see the marks of delineation on the highway. I would be driving through bright clear sunshine, and then I would cross the line into blinding rain, then cross another line back into the sunshine. Rinse and repeat. When I got home, Hub was working in the yard and said there had not been as much as a drop of rain. The car was still covered with water.


We've been sorting our comic books. His are mostly Marvel and mine are mostly DC, so of course they must not touch. Hey, we're adults here and we can manage our comic books. Some of his are of questionable content so he moved them to the storage garage lest the visiting children find them, read them, and quote them to their parents. The rest are just cool. Some are so old they're starting to crumble, but they're all still quite readable and most are in excellent condition. My comics were in good hands from the moment they left the rack at R-Street Grocery, and Hub's knew they were safe the second the cashier at Crowder's Drug Store put them in that thin little sack. If our mothers hadn't been such efficient housekeepers back in the day, we'd both have even more.

Except for Hub's naughty reads, all the comics are now in boxes, and stored neatly on shelves in the garage. And I'm a little embarassed to tell you how many boxes there are. So I won't.

Too bad we're going to have to sell a lot of them. We've been checking out Ebay and it seems we're boxing up and storing some heavily sought-after issues.

And now, back to work. I want this guest room to be nice for those kids.

P.S. Try not to spill weed killer on your hands. It makes your skin peel off. Not that I would know.

P.P.S. Ouch.
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