Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I had company for breakfast. Now git on over to SC&A where the topic is really important.

Yesterday morning I got to put the leaves back in the dining room table.

I love it when I get to do that. It means company.

Some of Hub's family came over yesterday morning for breakfast, and for a lovely visit. Fixing meals for big crowds is one of my favorite things to do, and it had been quite a while since I was privileged to make breakfast for lots of people. I think the last big meal I got to fix for a lot of people was Thanksgiving dinner; at least I got to do that two days in a row back in November. But it's been slim pickings since then, with just me and Hub and the occasional visiting offspring.

Belle will be in California until the fifth. We'll drive up to get her at the airport unless there are any other volunteers.

Zappa is working overtime and every chance he gets, since his roommate left for military service. Double rent will be hard, as he is working only part time and going to school. His cruel parents help all they can, but they can't manage double rent and he's pretty much on his own for that one.

Heck, it's all his cruel parents can do to manage paying their own mortgage these days. I know that to be true because I know them personally. And boy are they hurtin' for cash.

Powersource has had my computer for three weeks now. When I called the other day, Jack said they'd ordered a motherboard; they didn't keep stock for computers as old as mine. I really hope they fix it soon; on someone else's computer a person can't do all the things a person would do on her own computer. Like download picture programs for blogger, etc, since the aforementioned person is too stupid to figure out how to post a picture any other way.

And now you should leave this very boring post and go over to the three good doctors' blog. They've got some posts going about our schools, our values, our religions, and our children. Go on over there and put in your two cents.
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