Saturday, May 07, 2005

And so it goes, and so it goes, and so will you soon I suppose. . . .

I now have a roof overhead, and no more shall the rain make funky spots on my ceilings, which are in dire need of repainting now. Cross your fingers, please, that my loan will go through; otherwise, the next sound you hear might well be Batman ripping those shingles OFF.

My uncle's curio cabinet looks especially awesome, down on the landing beside the front door. I cleaned and shined it and since most of the rest of the house is filthy, it really stands out in its sparkly coolness. It has a music box on each glass shelf. A basket of silk flowers sits on the top, so it looks good no matter which view you have of it. (the good kind of silk flowers, not the gross kind, if any kind of artificial flower can be said to look good.)

My uncle's bookshelf is polished and full of books. It's in the living room to the right of the huge curtainless window.

Did I mention that I'm not a 'curtain' person? We live so far off the road that, well, who cares?

My uncle's little end table is sitting beside the huge grey chair. There's a big Yankee candle on it, and two books in the magazine rack that I found on Ebay for one of my former middle school students who visits me occasionally. He also reads this blog so hey, Alex, when you come over next, help me remember where your books are, ok?

My uncle's long kitchen shelf is beside the sink, with short cannisters on top and tall cannisters below.

My uncle's garage has been completely emptied out. His house is empty, too. His tool shed has been stripped. His cars and his tractor have been sold. Family and friends have taken to themselves much of his furniture. Many agencies all over the county have been distributing his clothing and small possessions to the needy.

His park bench is on my front porch, in front of a huge flowering azaela.

His Korean clock is on my son's wall. Many of his military shirts are on my son's back.

He had a lot of tv's and stereos. One of my sisters has a stereo, Belle has another. Mom has a new tv, courtesy of my uncle. Her old tv will go to Belle now. His fishing tackle will go to my nephew, tomorrow. Mom put away several nice things for the middle sister, and the carved bookcase went to the youngest sister a couple of weeks ago. Many thanks to the lovely friend who carried it from the back of the car to her guest bedroom, for me.

My uncle had several nieces and nephews, and we all got many nice things, courtesy of Uncle Larry.

I'd tell him all about it, but I can't now.

He died last night.

Mom called me at 3:30 a.m. to tell me. She knew I'd still be up.

It will affect her the most. She and her baby brother were travel companions for the past ten or so years, and while they didn't live in the same house, they pretty much took care of each other.

We'll all miss him, but she will miss him the most. Bless you, Mom. You're not only an awesome mother, you're a great sister, as well. I know Uncle Larry thought so, anyway.

As for the title of this post. . . .ah, my Fruvous boys always say it best.
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