Monday, April 25, 2005

Emily and the Amazing Blog Transformation

Emily at Ciao My Bella has made my blog beautiful! Go to her site and hire her immediately!

A while back, I won a blog makeover from HeroineGirl's fabulous BlogAuction. You see before you, the amazing results.

Thank you so much, Emily. I love it!!!! And thank you, too, HeroineGirl, for making it possible.

Two lovely, lovely people who have made me quite proud of my blog. I liked it before, too, but then it was kind of like having a big homely dog you loved in spite of its plain and dorky ways. Now my blog is truly beautiful, no thanks to me, and MANY thanks to Emily.

As for you, Heroine-Girl. . . . well, I think you already know. I hope you do, anyway.

Having a blog this cool-looking makes me think seriously about getting my hair cut and getting some makeup advice. Not seriously enough to do anything about it, but seriously enough to think about it.

The picture on the upper left is the Bluefin Bridge, which leads to the beautiful house we used to rent for a week in the summers, on Ocracoke Island, NC. Sigh. That was when we had two incomes. This summer, we'll be lucky to hit Bruester's Ice Cream once a week, and stand in the hose when we water the impatiens.

But at least we can hit Bruester's Ice Cream, and at least we have a hose, and at least we have water. So far. We don't have the impatiens yet.

Some poor people don't HAVE Bruester's Ice Cream where they live. They have other things which claim to be ice cream but some poor people don't even realize they're being fooled.

And while I'm thinking about it. . . . what's the deal with that "If there are more than three people in line, we will open another register. That's a PROMISE!" sign at WalMart? What's the punch line? I assume it's a joke; people were laughing at it. All nine thousand of us in line at the one open checkout.

Oh, Emily, thank you. And, thank you again!!!
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