Friday, March 25, 2005


Remember all those precious loving wonderful people who came to my house for Thanksgiving? They all live in Michigan, and we're going to visit them tomorrow! Or, rather, today. I'm baking pecan pies and they take almost an hour. I'll be up a while longer.

But I never go visiting with one arm as long as the other. It's one of my mottos. Another of my mottos is, "Age doesn't always bring wisdom. Sometimes age just comes by itself." I had a bumper sticker of that one, but it got buried somewhere in this house before I could put it on the car.

You were expecting maybe something profound? From me? An old fat chick who considers reading in the bathroom, multi-tasking? Oy.

Yes, we're going north to a family reunion tomorrow. I'll miss my computer, but the discipline will be good for me.



I can quit any time. I'm not addicted.

Why is my nose growing?

I think I'll start saving my allowance for a laptop.

Allowance. Those were the days.

We've hired a former student to re-roof our house. We'll have to get a loan to pay for it. When I tell you that we have no money, I'm not just whistling Dixie here.

We like to hire former students whenever we can.

I figure, a kid who shows up on time every day, brings all his materials to class, tries his best, asks questions, is seldom absent, behaves himself, and works hard, will probably bring those same qualities and habits to the workplace. Therefore, we hire them. We've not been disappointed yet.

Eight deer in the back yard this morning. They were clustered around the woodpile; I think they were eating the fungus off the firewood.

I am really tired, so I will probably ramble badly tonight. I can't go to bed 'till the pies are done.

Hub's family loves pecan pie, so I always make some when we get together. I use Splenda so Hub can have a piece or two; he's diabetic. I don't eat pie, myself. Never did. I just love to make them.

So far I haven't noticed any difference in the pain level in my knee. I am still "feeling" the needle under my kneecap. It felt so strange, almost dental; as if my dentist were probing under there with dentist tools. You know, that sharp/blunt metal object probing around your sensitive teeth and occasionally hitting a nerve feeling? Yeah, just like that. Times ten.

This weekend, Hub's family. Next weekend, my family. I adore reunions; it's odd how they almost always occur at about the same time.

It's probably obvious that my family is the most important thing in the world to me. My children are grown up now, but they'll always be my children. They don't really NEED me any more, but they need the things I taught them. It does something to me, to see them casually use MY methods, expressions, etc, in passing, not even realizing where it came from. But I know, and it thrills me to the core. I also see some of my own bad traits once in a while, and I'm ashamed; but you know what, we all have a few not-so-great traits, so why are we always so shocked when our perfect children display them? Why, even MY kids have a few. Not many, but a few.

It's also awesome to have your grown child call you up and want to just hang out with you. It more than makes up for all those years when having that child tag along really hindered your style, whether it was in the grocery store, mall, or wherever. I used to go almost everywhere with an infant on my front and a tiny little toddler on my back. I loved it when a tiny child would lay his or her little head on the back of my neck and go to sleep.

Mentioning no(Belle) names, but I know where every restroom in every store in the southern part of this state is located. And a few in each of the neighboring states.

And it especially makes up for those few years when hanging out with Mom was uncool and not to be considered. Sigh. I'm glad that phase is over.

My poor kids. Mom will never be as cool as they are.

Nor should she be, I guess. I mean, is YOUR mom as cool as you are?

Well, come to think of it, my mom is way cooler than I am. And so are my kids. I got skipped over.

Better them than me. If I had it, I'd probably take it apart and play with it.
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