Thursday, March 17, 2005

Faith and begorrah, sure, and it's surrounded by dimwittage, we are.

I just checked my email. I had six messages that looked like this:

From: (unknown sender) About: (unknown subject)

Do people really click on that? What kind of people would click that thing open?

Okay, I guess we all know what kind of people do that. And apparently there are enough of them out there to make such mailings viable.

The Saints* preserve us all from them.

I think I'm more scared of the people who open it, than of the people who sent it.

*It's too bad that St. Patrick only took away the snakes. Heck, I can do that by myself. What we really needed was for him to take away the Trolls.

Granted, "Time" and "Newsweek" are, to our national shame, written at a fifth grade reading level, but surely the people who would click that email open have read SOMETHING about the dangers. Haven't they? Wouldn't you think anyone who had an email account at all, would be reading at LEAST at that level?

I crack myself up sometimes.

At my old school, the virus-emails would make the occasional rounds, and we would get a notice that specifically stated "If you get an email that says "Snow White," do NOT open it. Report it to the office and the tech guy will delete it for you. DO NOT OPEN IT !"

Every single time, the same three teachers would open that infected email, and our whole system would go down.

The same three teachers.

Why would they continue to do this, time after time?

"I thought Snow White would be Disney." "I forgot." "I don't know." "How could Snow White cause any trouble? I saw that movie and it was harmless." "I like to get spams; the jokes are funny." "Who would send a virus to a school? We have children here!" "I thought just a glance at it wouldn't cause any harm." "It was addressed to me, so I figured it was okay."

And when asked if they read the warning email, the email that told them specifically not to open the Snow White virus?

"I figured that if it was just me, what harm could it do? " "Oh, that?" "Was that for me?" "I read it, but when I saw the name Snow White, I was charmed all over again."

It's astounding to me, that an adult in today's society, surrounded by information and guidance, can be so bloody stupid. Even the KIDS know better.

Age is no excuse for it, people.

There IS no excuse for it.

Faith and begorrah, I'm in one foul mood today. I think it started when I looked at my shamrock socks, and remembered who sent them to me. Bah.
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