Thursday, February 17, 2005

Women's Lib is only good if we also have Men's Lib.

Jay, over at the Zero Boss, posted a link to Blogging Baby, where a smallish debate is raging over whether or not Mother-Baby groups should allow Daddies to join.

Apparently, there are some wimmins out there who do not want the mens in their living room while wimmin things are being discussed or whipped out and nursed upon.

What came to my mind first, was how back in the seventies, women were protesting against all-male clubs of any kind, and suing to be included. And, still are. Women can't stand it if there is any kind of exclusively male organization of any kind. They want to be included.

Okay, WE want to be included. And by 'we,' I mean both you AND me.

But now some women are doing the same thing to men, that the men did to the women back in the days before the wimmins realized they could have been emancipated all those years. They want to be able to exclude men from their exclusively female organization.

Why can't we all be emancipated enough to include each other? Our kids need all the good parenting they can get. And no parent is so good, that he/she can't get better.

And, people get better at anything by listening to other people tell what made THEM better.

Let's try to be examples to our children, and to each other, and put the petty and, yes, stupid, prejudices aside. Why does it have to be a "Mommy Group," or a "Daddy Group?" Why can't we just have "Parent Groups?"

Our children can only benefit from the knowledge we would gather.

This, from an old seventies hippie who still has ratty "ERA NOW" t-shirts packed away somewhere. . . . .

Yes, I used to be a hippie. Now, I'm just hippy.
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