Saturday, February 12, 2005

We found it. It was yonder.

Hub had read in the paper that a former student of ours had opened a little gun shop out in the boondocks of the county. We like to visit our former students in their places of business, and patronize them whenever we can, and tease them about 'making good,' so off we went in search of this tiny little shop.

When I say that it was out in the boondocks, I am not exaggerating. We drove all over the place. We knew we were in the general vicinity but we just couldn't seem to find the right road.

Hub must have REALLY wanted to visit this shop, because after about an hour he did what few men have the courage to do: he pulled into the parking lot of a tiny little general store and went inside to ask for directions.

This part of Indiana is covered with those tiny little general stores. They're really cool. I love reading the hand-written signs all over the windows: "day-old chicks," "need yer wood splite?" "old barn wood wanted" "we got extra hay bales" "light housekeeping and dog walking" "maple syrup soon" "persimmon pulp froze" "deer serviced" "meat locker unit for rent" "free girl scout cookies with fillup" etc.

He came back out with two cokes and directions in his head.

So, we followed the old highway for a spell, then turned right at the old gym and followed the road till we saw the sign yonder. Turned left onto the gravel road past the new construction till we found the store.

Hub drooled over all the guns for a while, we talked with our former student, and then we got back into the truck to make the trip back.

Southern Indiana is the best place in the world for wandering aimlessly on a pretty day. And there is always something cool, just yonder. If you don't mind driving for a spell.
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