Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The post where you find out how mean I am.

It has been suggested that it is entirely possible that I tend to get a little bit militant and ornery when it comes to the welfare of children. That perhaps I should be more lenient in my, well, "condemnations" of parents who don't take proper care of their babies. That people get tired and frazzled and do things maybe they wouldn't otherwise do. That I should cut these parents some slack.

Forget it. Children are just too important.

It is the ADULTS in their lives who must change their ways. Not "should;" MUST.

We can slack off about schedules, sometimes. We can slack off about clothing, a lot. We can slack off about a piece of candy before dinner, occasionally. There are many harmless slackings we can get by with and still be good parents.

But any parent who slacks off about a child's welfare and safety and health, does not deserve to have that precious child in his/her keeping. Remove the child, and place it in a better place. "Better place" can be defined as "anywhere the disgusting parents are not."

You put your child in harm's way, through laziness or ignorance or whatever excuse you can trump up, and it is my supreme hope that innocent child will be removed to a safer and better and more loving place. Same definition as above.

Anywhere, as long as it's far away from YOU.

What do you call a person who is obviously not a lady, who is a disgrace to the name of woman, and who is the farthest thing from a mother that anyone could possibly be? I shall call her IT.

We (those other mothers and I) were told yesterday that IT comes regularly to this supermarket; she buys a few food items with her food stamps so she can buy cigarettes with her change. (She gets more food stamps in change for the dollars, but real money for the coins.) She then buys cigarettes with the coins.

That's right, IT. Take care of Number One. Buy cigarettes so you can breathe poison all over your baby. Work the system so you can support your addiction.

Heaven help you if you should use your coins to buy something for the baby.

This person is even a disgrace to the word "bitch."

I just cannot fathom anyone treating a baby like that.

They say that when people who have commited crimes that harmed a child, and are put in jail where they belong, even hardened psychotic serial ax-murderers hate them. Sometimes, the other prisoners gang up on people who have harmed a child, and beat or stomp them to death.

Such a loss to humanity, that would be. What a shame.

Don't even get me started on people who lay a violent hand on a child.

I am mean. Yes.

Oh, well, not really. I try to act all tough but I'm not. I'm easy.

Until a child's welfare is involved.
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