Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hal: I know you and Hub were planning to disconnect me, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen.

Hub unplugged Hal from the wall and put him on the kitchen table beside my briefcase so I won't forget to put him in the car tomorrow morning.

Hal looks so defenseless there in the kitchen. Disoriented, somehow, like a person in an emergency room waiting area.

The empty space on my desk makes me sad. Of course, any empty space in this house doesn't remain empty for long. Hub is such a pack rat; if there's a surface, he will place something on it. If ever any of you comes to our house, you'll probably have to clean off a chair or a spot on the sofa. But come on over anyway. Just set that stuff down on the floor beside that other stuff.

I called Powersource and made a reservation. Jack and Linda are expecting Hal in the late afternoon. I hope it's fast and painless.

I think it is a little unusual for a computer shop NOT to have a website. Maybe they are just too busy taking care of other peoples' computers to bother having fun with a computer themselves. What's the deal there, Jack? I would have given you a link there if you'd had one.

Already I'm hurting because Hal is gone. Hub is a sweetheart to let me use his computer but HIS computer is not MY computer. I don't feel free to download music, or make a cd; and Hub hates instant messengers.

I just don't think it's very nice to treat someone else's computer as your own. Even with permission.

Therefore, I am restricting myself to blogging, commenting, and email. And since he'll be home around eight o'clock tonight, and will no doubt have a selfish desire to use his own computer, I guess there will be some clean laundry in this house before bedtime. And maybe even some dust-free furniture. Possibly a swept carpet. I might even empty the dishwasher. And fill it again.

I got Patriside's mixmania in the mail today, and I'm already in love with it! More details on this awesome mix later. Thank you so much, Jim; your idea was super and I hope it catches on! (I almost sent you the Depeche Mode and Coldplay songs!)

Did any of you guys really think I was going to do chores tonight after Hub takes back his computer chair? That is so funny.

I've got this great new book to re-read. How can any chores compete with THAT? I do love a book that makes you want to hurry and finish so you can hurry and re-start, finding new details with every session. And I love a good series.

Tomorrow Hal goes to the shop. I hope the computer magicians there can fix him.

Thank you all for not singing that "Bicycle built for two" song. I know some of you wanted to.

Those of you who caught the reference, that is.

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