Thursday, February 03, 2005


Heroine-Girl's auction! Get over there now and bid on something!

There are so many real problems in this world. This one was not important. Now that I am back from class and calmed down, I can see that Gary is not the only one who overreacted. I did, too. I shouldn't have let it 'get' to me like it did.

One person. And I let it cripple me.

Let's let it go. Everybody else understood, and he didn't, and he isn't going to, and let's let it go.

One more thank-you for all of the wonderful friends out there.

Now let's dwell on good things.

Somehow, it's easy to dwell on the good things, when you're driving down a highway that cuts through a national forest, and on either side of the road are huge ancient firs, solidly covered with sparkling ice and snow. It was like one more Christmas card before the tulips bloom.

And, after class today, I took Belle and Zappa out to lunch at Mark Pi's! We can't afford to go there for dinner, but lunch is cheap. And Mark Pi's is just the greatest Chinese restaurant in this area. Oh, we have a lot of buffets that are cheap and really good, but Mark Pi's is a sit-down, order-off-the-menu restaurant, and it was elegant and a lot of fun and absolutely delicious. Besides, both of my beautiful babies were there with me.

I put it on my credit card so it was free.

We couldn't help but notice a lovely family seated across the room from us. Two ladies, a man, and five adorable children, who looked to be between two and eight in age. All of them, children included, had beautiful table manners. A time or two a couple of the younger ones got loud, but all it took was a hush-finger and a whispered "you have to use your restaurant manners or you won't get to come with us next time" and all was idyllic again. Chattery and fun and 'restaurant-voice' and cute. I love to watch well-behaved children at the dinner table.

Why did I notice this family especially, today? No particular reason. They were just so beautiful. Besides, I've let it go.

Poor Charley Gordon was besieged by birds at the watering hole out on the patio this afternoon. I guess ElCheapoCatBoyChunks are tasty things indeed. I finally took pity on him and opened the door, which scared the birds away, and he finished his meal in peace.

I'm meeting Hub in an hour or so for pizza and bread sticks. He has to go back to the school to work a ball game. That's one thing I definitely do not miss. My college does have a basketball team, but I couldn't tell you any details about it.

Indiana has a team, too. Tee hee. (Sorry)

I think I am back to normal now. Whatever normal is. Thanks again to all my precious peoples.

I wish you were all here to eat pizza and bread sticks with us. You can even double-dip in the cheese sauce. I'd be proud to eat after you.

I didn't realize I went totally 'stream of consciousness' when I'm upset. That's just strange.

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