Wednesday, February 02, 2005


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It's snowing here. Tiny little flakes that sparkle in what's left of the setting sun. So pretty.

I've been leaving my coat in the car when I go to work, because unless it's absolutely bone-paralyzing cold, I'd rather shiver a little than deal with the bundlesome bother of a coat. Tomorrow morning, however, I have a feeling that I'll be wearing that coat and that I'll be mighty glad to be wearing it. Already it's cold in the house. I'd fiddle with the thermostat if we had any money. Things being as they are, I guess I'll just go put on some warm socks and a sweatshirt.

After class today, I called Zappa and invited him out for lunch. It was nearly one in the afternoon, but I could tell that my phone call had awakened him. (That's my boy!) He was happy to get a free lunch, as who wouldn't be, and I picked him up and off we went to Steak-n-Shake. He looked at the menu and pretty much said, "yes, please," a la Rodney Dangerfield. He had a sore throat so I dug through my massive hideous black hole of a purse and found some DayQuil tablets that I'd been carrying around since I had a cold myself a month or so back. They were sort of coated with Kleenex lint but what the hey; they were sealed in plastic.

Everything in my purse is coated with Kleenex lint. And the bottom of my purse is lined with little silver chewing-gum-wrapper balls; you have to put them somewhere, you know, even when there is no wastebasket for miles. And there never is when I unwrap gum.

I am a vast repository of silver chewing-gum-wrapper balls. They're in all my pockets, too. I pick them out of the dryer filter after every load.

Not being a litterbug really messes up my dryer filter.

But I have to wad the wrappers into little silver balls. If I don't, they flatten out like nickels in the bottom of my purse, and then when I go feeling around down there for nickels, the wrappers really piss me off when I feel one, think it's a nickel, and then realize it's someone else's stupid gum wrapper, and that I'm not going to get that diet Coke after all.

I had to show a really boring video in class today; heck, it nearly put ME to sleep. And I had to watch it twice. Two students got up and walked out, so at the end of the period, I gave the other students ten bonus points for staying till the end. The ones who walked out can argue with me on Monday morning. But I can save them the trouble; they're going to lose. Next boring video day, I'm bringing doughnuts and hot chocolate, and sharing them with all the students who stick it out.

Plus, a lot of test questions are coming from the film. Not in the book. Just in the film. I told all the students who stayed which ones they were. They promised not to share.

Sometimes in life, you have to sit through a lot of boring stuff, to get to the great stuff. If you give up while it's still boring, you won't be around when it explodes into a great fascinating world of interesting and awesome things.

And you won't get any doughnuts and hot chocolate. Not from me, anyway.

Does it bother anyone else when someone HIGH UP in ADMINISTRATION can't spell 'cat' right on a memo or letter? I always feel like maybe I'm not important enough, that it would be a waste of someone's valuable time, to do a little proofreading, or heck, even run the unreliable spellchecker, just for a memo to me. It did make me feel better to see that these same HIGHLY PAID administrator-types make these same disgraceful mistakes on public notices, and things pinned to the bulletin boards in the lobbies. Better, and worse; communication is important, and being all lax with the grammars and spellings and wordings and stuffs, makes even a smart person appear ignorant. Thas why I always tries to done good with such.

My kids are just so cool. SOOOO cool!

Poor Hub. Snow, cold, no gas in the car, and no dinner prepared. And he has to drive up to the city to teach. I'll have something for him when he gets home.

Dinner!!!! Sheesh, you guys. . . . .

Sophisticated people like us often have dinner late at night.

Fat people like us often have dinner several times in the 24-hour span, in fact.

Come on over. No matter what time you get here, we're probably having a bite to eat. Join in.

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