Monday, January 03, 2005

Warning: I've lost my temper here so read at your own risk.

I've just been to the stupidest site I've ever seen. A blog written by a man who knows nothing but four-letter words. A blog written by a man who can't stand it when someone gets an award and he doesn't. A blog written by a man whose favorite word is "retard." A blog written by a man who is obviously referring to himself when he repeatedly says his favorite word. A blog written by a man who makes himself feel all big and studly by putting other people down.

This blog's author is incredible. He writes like a semi-literate twelve-year-old boy (sincere apologies to all literate intelligent twelve-year-old boys). His writing vocabulary is miniscule, but he tries to make up for that by making sure that every third word is either profane or obscene (I doubt he knows the difference.) I'm not mentioning his name or giving him a link because frankly, he doesn't deserve the traffic. You're all better off not to go there.

He recently mentioned a dear friend of mine in one of his juvenile potty-mouth posts, and his vicious attack just went right through me. I can't bear it when a nice person is hurt by anyone, especially someone like this pathetic person. The fact that this friend is probably one of the nicest people in the world, makes me even angrier when I think of this hurtful attack.

What kind of person gets off by putting others down? I think we all know what kind of person.

I almost didn't go to the site, because I was furious for my friend's sake, and a little afraid of what might come flowing through my fingers onto the screen. (I'm extremely backward about defending myself but I'll do ANYTHING for a friend). But curiosity killed this old cat and to the site I went. I must say, it was all I'd been told it would be.

I'd always wondered how a man with no penis would express himself. Now I know.
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