Sunday, January 30, 2005

That's my little boy, all 6'8" of him.

Ever since Zappa moved into his own place, his eating habits have changed considerably.

It's not just that he's usually too broke to eat at all, although that is often the case and I can't think about it very hard or I get all in a wad.

It's that when he IS able to purchase groceries, he buys healthful foods.

He buys fresh vegetables, mostly. He, who subsisted mostly on cereal and junk food in his childhood, now sings the praises of fresh vegetables. milk, fruit, and bloody-rare meat.

Maybe it's true that they really ARE listening, even when you don't think they are.

When he was growing up, ALL meat was bloody rare. But only in the British-swearing sort of way.

Now when we take him out and he orders a steak, it looks like it could get up and run away if it didn't have a fork stuck in it.

Belle is a vegetarian, with the occasional chicken backslide.

But Zappa is a certified carnivore, every chance he gets.

This is the boy who, as I posted earlier, looks at a cow as a 'steak wrapped in shoes.'

Belle still sees 'piggies' and 'lambies.'

Zappa sees dinner.

We're getting ready to take him back up to the city; he's absolutely FULL of homemade beef stew but whatta you bet he'll be ready to eat again when we get up there? After all, that will be about forty-five minutes from now and with his metabolism, he'll be starving again by then.

I could do with a little something myself.

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