Saturday, January 01, 2005

Please tell me I'm not an idiot to be a little scared?

Please vote for me. I'd appreciate it very much. Thank you.

Is there anybody else out there who would be maybe just a little freaked out if EVERY SINGLE TIME that Blog Explosion told you to click on '666' the exact same blog popped up? EVERY TIME?

And some nights, '666' leads me to that same blog SEVERAL TIMES! IN ONE NIGHT!

"666." Same blog. And it's a blog I have blocked. It comes up anyway, right on cue, for '666.'

I've mentioned this before but it's still happening. Always more than once in a surfing-frenzy.

I'm not superstitious and most of the time I laugh at silly coincidences. But criminy. Over and over and over. 666. Exact same blog.

'666' has never led me to any other blog. Just this same one. I'd mention its name but it's a blog that seems to flourish on being cruel.

I don't want it to be cruel to me. And since it hangs out with '666' every night, I have a feeling that it wouldn't take kindly to having its name mentioned.

Actually, it kind of scares me.

Tonight, it's come up twice. And I was only on BE for about ten minutes. I'm not surfing right now, because I think if that same awful blog came up again I might start to scream, which would attract Hub's attention even through the loudness of 'Return of the King' which is cranked up to full volume downstairs and is shaking the floors up here. And if he was distracted from 'Return of the King' he might say something impractical like "Why don't you just go offline for a while if it's freaking you out so much?" You know, some weird comment like that. He can be ridiculous sometimes.

I think this is only the third time I've mentioned it here, but it happens a lot. Is it only happening to me, or is anyone else experiencing this? Am I Regan? Will my head start to turn round and round? And if I had to walk like an upside-down spider on the staircase, there would be far bigger problems than a demon to worry about. Some of them would be aesthetic.

That blog scares me. I'm a big baby about it. (Emphasis on 'big') I've never understood how some people can get such pleasure out of putting other people down. And there are a lot of people mentioned on that blog, and not in a positive light. A few of her victims have blogs I read, and I thought they were nice. I still do. She puts down a lot of really nice people.

When a mean person puts another person down, sympathy will usually be with the victim. Well, I tend that way, at any rate.

It's so easy to be nice. Why do some people go out of their way to be nasty?

I guess that's what happens when you hang out with '666' all night. Mom was right about the 'peer pressure' thing.
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