Monday, January 03, 2005

I'm the boss of me, and I want you to remember that while you're bossing me around and I'm taking it.

I had a little free time this afternoon so I graded that woman's exam. She got 83%. I had put off grading it because I was being childish about her RUDE DISRESPECTFUL behavior on the night of the exam. I've long since gotten over my reaction to her SHOWING UP AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE for the exam, which meant I had to stay AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE that night, too. I really should have told her that she was too late, the testing time was over, and she missed it; but as most of you know by now I am quite the pushover, so I just sighed pitifully, rolled my eyes a few dozen times per minute, and sat back down to wait her out. I know it was childish of me to eat all those candy bars in front of her, and to leave the room for diet coke twice, but hey. It's college, and she could take it. And do you know why? Because she had to. She knew I could have refused to allow her to take that exam, and I knew she knew that. She was at my mercy, even while she was bossing me around with her pushy arrogance and I was letting her.

I like to think that even when my sissy ways prohibit me from being actively agressive, I can at least be passively pissed in the midst of giving someone their own way at great personal inconvenience.

Besides, anger burns calories, so you can eat all the candy you want while secretly fuming. In fact, you probably need candy just to keep up your strength. Well, that excuse works for me.

And at that hour of the night, you need it to stay awake.

Yes, I thought I'd grade her exam today and get it over with. It was quite immature of me to cover it with diet coke rings, mustard, and smears of BBQ sauce, while keeping it on the little kitchen table all this time so I could mock it constantly. That would have been ridiculously childish.

I should have graded it weeks ago and gotten it over with. But I put it off till today, and today I finally graded it because I am a dedicated person who always tries to do the right thing even when the person involved is a rude wildebeast who tromps on other people like a rampaging hippopotamus on crack.

I graded her exam. She passed. Alert the media.

I also have to get my grades posted on the college computers by four o'clock today. Not that THAT had anything to do with anything.

If you get a spare moment, won't you please vote for me? I'd really appreciate it. Lots of nice votes might make me less childish.

Sheesh. Don't rule it out till you've at least tried it.

Try it? Please?

(Please also note use of Magic Word in above sentence. . . . . .)

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