Monday, January 31, 2005

I like to cultivate my children's friends, as they are often handy around the house.

Belle's friend T came over Friday night and most of Saturday to work on my computer. I think he actually fixed it! It hasn't gone black and given me that annoying error message since then, and before he touched it, it was turning itself off seven or eight times a day.

I never used to have computer problems, till the big hijacking. Ever since, my computer has been nuts, plain and simple. Even after being wiped several times since, it was still not quite right, and I was still finding the occasional weird 'not-mine' file.

T was looking at it a few months ago, in fact, and it was seized with a takeover right under his fingertips! Things were opening and closing, appearing and disappearing. . . . it was wild. I think it scared him to death. When it finally calmed down, T tried to reason with it, but to no avail; that last 'possession' and 'exorcism' had disintegrated every single thing that was stored on it. It was completely wiped.

I took it to PowerSource (I think I'll soon have my own shelf and monogrammed tarp there) and was told that there was not a trace of ANYTHING on that computer. Jack said it had been a long time since they'd had a computer that was genuinely empty of any kind of file whatsoever.

They re-installed XP and I took it home to coddle, but it wasn't long before it was haunted again.

This time, however, I think maybe it's met its match. T loaded it up with firewalls and spyware-finders and virus protection. And it already had so many of those, it was hard to sign on! Now, though, it's faster and clearer, and it hasn't winked off yet!

Yay, T! Belle can bring you down for a visit any time. Do you do windows?

I need to rent one of those power-washers. The siding on my house is filthy; I noticed it today more than ever. Maybe because the sun is shining today, and things 'showed.'

Charley Gordon has been having a friend over for Moist Treats; the little neighbor cat likes to hang out on our patio. And eat CG's cat food. And run around and sniff all the raccoon and possum d'cologne that has saturated the porch floor and probably all the cushions on the outdoor furniture.

Come on over, won't you? We can eat out on the patio.

Power washer. Definitely.

Seriously now. My friend Frau and I bought these little bottles of Kitty Moist Treats at Big Lots last week, and the cats were instantly hooked and will soon be hiring something with opposable thumbs to open the kitchen door and take possession of the bottle. I need to check out the ingredients; I have a feeling it may have considerable street value.

It's so nice to work in a place that always has spotlessly clean restrooms and plenty of toilet paper. My last school never did. Heck, a lot of the time the bathrooms in this house don't.

Hub just got home; I heard the refrigerator door open. I must hasten to warm up some beef stew and make some cornbread for him.

Yeah, I'm the little housewife. Right.

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