Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I am somebody's mommy.

Well my GOODNESS, people sure get defensive sometimes!

As for the Pimpin' Hoes and Gangstas and Beetches and Hottie Boomballaties who told me I was judgmental: Whaddup wit dat? I want you to know that I cried all night because of what you said but I'm okay now.

There's a big difference between a differing opinion and a cruel obscene hurtful rant, my friends. Actually, my friends already knew that, so I guess I'm really addressing those 'other' people who can't tell the difference any more than they can write a word with all its end letters.

I hope you are under twelve because if you are older than that, your grammar is scary and laughable. As for your kind offer to show me your penis, let me just put on my glasses here. . . Okay. Well now. Is that a miniature Tootsie Roll in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

So, all you gangstas and beetches and hoes who have been so kind as to tell me what you think: I've read all your messages and I still don't know what you think. Are you sure you're 'thinking?' Possibly the person who dictated the messages for you to sign didn't pass Spelling in fourth grade.

The term "Arrested Development" has taken on a whole new meaning for me now.

As for the people who used the word "journalism" in regard to these nasty personality-revealing rants, maybe you would be interested in working for the 'Star,' or the "National Enquirer." Their reputable journalists are, as we speak here, scurrying all over the world writing up ABSOLUTELY TRUE local stories that really ought to be on the front pages of American newspapers. I know for a fact that "Statue of Elvis Found On Mars" would have been a best-seller. And I sincerely hope that the missing Fattest Man in the World has been found. I mean, where could he go to HIDE? These and other points of interest can be found between the pages of your kind of 'journalism,' beetches.

But to viciously attack a nice person who never did a THING to hurt you, is inexcusable. Grow up, gangsta. You ought to be spanked and set in the corner with a big dunce cap on your pointy little head.

I don't deal well with people who, of their own free will, CHOOSE to be mean.

And now back to our usual programming. . . . .

No cat poop has been found in the family room today.

My kids went to work on time. I assume. They own clocks, so it's a natural assumption.

Hub is working late today. Grades have to be posted in his school before he can leave.

I'm sloooooowly taking down the Christmas decorations. I'll miss all those bright twinkling lights. It always seems kind of dull in the house after the decorations are down. It's also a kind of relief at getting back to normal. Whatever 'normal' is.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) I'm really slow at taking them down. So the house will have that 'half-dressed' look for a while. Kind of like me. On days I don't go to work, I look kind of like Hallmark's 'Maxine.' Only fat.

Come on, people. Let's all play nicely together. Take turns, and share. And watch that mean-spirited potty mouth, buster, or somebody's mommy will watch it for you.

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