Sunday, January 16, 2005

Gentlemen, behold!!!!!

Hub and I are really, really wild. So wild, you just won't BELIEVE what we did on our anniversary several hours back.

We drove to the City, met Belle for dinner, played Mensa Trivia while we waited for our food, picked up Zappa after work, brought him down here, watched an entire season of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," and ate cookies.

You'll probably read about it in the newspaper tomorrow. It was WILD.

Looking back, I can't remember a single anniversary (except the first one) that we spent just by ourselves. There was at least one family member present at all times at every single one.

I think it is because we are so popular, and the entire family adores us so.

Or else it's because we have great movies and cookies in our house.

Belle left as soon as dinner was over; she went to another Hairbanger's Ball. Why does everybody go to cool things and we just go home?

I had seen her at her second job in the mall before we met for dinner, and she paid me the compliment* of telling me that my jeans fell on my feet exactly right for the hippie clogs her store was selling; ie my pants were just a little bit short for good fashion taste, and the embroidery on the top of the shoes showed when I tried them on. She and all the other employees had been looking at those clogs and wondering what the hell kind of person would buy them, and who could possibly look good in them. Well, tonight she found out. It was me.

The nerve. Telling me I looked good in imitation Birkenstock clogs. Heck yeah I bought them. I had some when I was her age and I loved them. Hadn't even thought about them for years. Besides, she gets a discount.

*I am assuming it was a compliment.

I should have kept all my clothes from my college days. The kids are wearing them again.

Of course, in college I wore a size 5. I could MAYBE pull those jeans over my right arm now. Whether I could zip them up over my fat-yet-knobby elbow is another thing altogether.

So. Another year with Hub has come and gone. There are beautiful yellow roses on the table in front of my picture window. Zappa is downstairs, and he is no longer starving because I fixed his favorite mashed-flat grilled cheese sandwiches and fried eggs for him as soon as he walked through the front door. Belle is hair-banging with friends, to every eighties song ever written, Hub has gone to bed, and I am here doing my thang with the blogging.

The magic of the anniversary hour is past, and things are back to normal. Whatever THAT might be.

My family has never been ordinary. But then, whose family is? And who on earth would even want to be?

Yeah, well, Dracula called and he's coming over tonight for you and I said okay.

********Wherever you are, and whatever is going on, I do remember that today is your
birthday. Do not contact me as I am still working through the anger and I have
not resolved it yet. I do not wish you ill but I really hope you are sorry for what
you did to me and to other people who loved you. If there is a good reason for it
an explanation would be greatly appreciated. ***********************************

(Please do not ask about the above unless you have some kind of answer for me.)


Many thanks to all of you who wished Hub and me well. The community of bloggers I have found is very precious to me, and I love you all. I mean that. I honestly and truly mean that.

You people are awesome.

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