Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Don't count your boobies until they are hatched. With apologies to James Thurber.

Grrrrr. . . .

I'm trying to burn a cd for a friend and every time I get three or four songs done my computer goes all black and gives me this message:

Missing or Corrupt: SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\NEfs.sys

. . . and tells me to re -install Windows XP.

But wouldn't that delete everything on my hard drive?

My computer has been giving me fits for a couple of years, and it's worse now. I think it was so badly damaged during the big hijacking that it will never be the same again. For a while, it was spending more time being examined by the PowerSource guys than it was sitting on my desk right here being beloved by me. Each time it's supposedly fixed but, as Gilda would say, "it's always something."

At least the cd drawer isn't constantly going in and out all by itself any more, and no new files have magically appeared lately. I really thought my computer was possessed. Poltergeists. Something.

It was Something, all right.

I think there's a Boggart still in there. And it's so stubborn that even waving my red pen and saying "Riddikulus" doesn't help.

Why else would a brand-spankin'-new hard drive constantly go bad? It's not like it sneaks out of the house every night to hang out with gangsta computers who are a poor influence. I think my hard drive was just BORN bad. Bad to the bone. It doesn't intend to be reformed. It LIKES going bad all the time. I have a BAD HARD DRIVE. It probably had corrupt parental units. It needs to be spanked and sat in the corner.

If I thought that would work, I'd probably do it.

Hub: Why is your computer sitting on the floor in the corner there?
Me: I'm teaching it a lesson.
Hub: Let me know if it works. (stealthily phones the Men in White Coats)
Me: It has to learn who's the boss in this relationship.
Hub: There's a unicorn in the garden. Eating roses.

(I wonder how many of you will 'get' that reference. . . .)

Don't worry, dear friend. I'll burn that cd. Somehow I will persuade my Bad Hard Drive that a life of crime is not the way to go. I'll reform it. Just wait and see. This time it will be different. That Bad Hard Drive will reform this time. Not like all the other times. It loves me, really it does, and it will reform. For me.

Hub: The unicorn has a golden horn in the middle of his forehead.

I signed up for Blog Clicker. Are you surprised? Are you convinced yet that I DESERVE to win in my BoB category? Please go here and vote for me. Please?

Me: He told me it ate a lily.

Actually, I hear that the Booby Hatch isn't as bad as they say. The food is no worse than your own, and they rub your back twice a day.

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