Thursday, December 23, 2004


My children will not make it home tonight after all. The snow is just too deep. They both live about thirty miles away; under ordinary circumstances, it's a quick and easy drive. Heck, I teach in their city; that drive is nothing.

But when the snow is three feet deep, it's impossible.

So Daughter is going to work all day tomorrow, in place of someone who couldn't get through the snow, and come home afterwards. She'll bring Son with her. She's hoping that the extra day will perhaps mean more time to clear the roads, plus a little melting.

I hate to tell her, but when the temperature is -4, there's not going to be much melting.

A day's delay. Well, I can deal with that. Not gracefully, but I can deal.

At least they're coming.

The Cat still hasn't pooped. Hub says the Cat made two trips down to the family room, so I'd better go sniffing around down there in a minute. If I find any odiferous PILES, I'm going to be "very put out." (What movie? Huh, huh? What movie?)

The Grandmother's road is impassable, so Daughter will have to park in the K-Mart lot. Hub will pick her and Son up in the truck tomorrow night.

Now I must go back to my kitchen and make lots and lots of sparkly star-shaped cookies.

When my kids come home, they HAVE to have cookies.

That's what I tell them, anyway.

It's something to do.

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