Friday, December 03, 2004

Utopian Megalomania indeed.

Is there anything on the Blog Explosion rotation tonight besides political blogs?

Or even a political blog that did NOT use the phrase "utopian megalomania" in the latest post?

What is that expression, the latest thing in political crap-land or something? Well, it sucks.

Or maybe it was just the entire political blog that sucked. I try to put them out of my mind, so I'm really not sure. I'm sleepy, and I'm looking for some new blogs to read, and I'm not finding any this time. Nothing but politics. I'd even welcome knitting tonight. Or dogs. I guess I could go to the kitchen and pick up my book and I will in just a minute but I'm going to keep clicking a few more times because surely the NEXT CLICK will bring me a new and wonderful blog that I'll blogroll and read regularly and, and, and. . . . politics. Scheiss. Do these people have any idea how horrendously boring they are? How sanctimoniously horrendously condescendingly boring they are?

I clicked on '666' again. SAME BLOG AS ALWAYS. Brrrrrr, that's just so creepy. Not surprising, but coincidentally creepy.

There it is again: "utopian megalomania."

Go ahead and type that phrase in Google, politicos. Maybe you'll find my blog this time. It's boring and opinionated too, but at least it's not about politics.

Well, maybe tonight it is. And maybe a few other nights. But it's about hating politics in general, so that's at least a little different than your blogs, which seem to be about hating people in general, and sometimes specifically.

Boring AND bad. Shame on you.

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