Friday, December 31, 2004

Something different didn't work either.

I just submitted another banner to BE; this banner is stored on a different site than my others.

None of them are showing up. Not the old ones, and not this new one.

Maybe when BE looks at it for approval, they will see that it's invisible and help me then.

Till that day does arrive, I hope people will click on the invisible banner anyway. And come here, and read about the invisible banners, and think things like, "Wow, that poor thing, her banners are invisible but she's still trying to win. I shall vote for her because she is so pitiful."

(actually, that's my usual state. . . . .)

I do have a handicap parking hanger. I fall down a lot. Lately I've been eyeing those motorized grocery carts with something other than speeding between the Duncan Hines cake displays and zipping past little kids in those carts that look like race cars, in mind. Some day, Jerry Lewis will feature me on Labor Day. Could I maybe pimp the pathetico vote?

Oh, and I'm funny-looking. Shouldn't that count for something?

And I'm wearing mismatched socks. And bell-bottom jeans. See? Truly pathetico.


So, ungrateful unappreciative people who are complaining about the Bob Awards. . . . . was that enough begging for ya? Huh? Was it? (Whiners. )

Some people are very lacking in gratitude. For shame.
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