Friday, December 24, 2004

I am a shameless hussy and not above begging. . . .

Dear Intelligent and Fabulously Attractive Readers,

Please, oh PLEEEASE, dash over to the BoB Awards site and vote for me? I'll love you forever, honest I will. Oh wait, I already do. Okay then, I'll, um, I'll. . . . . .I'll. . . . .

That was a really pathetic plea. Let's try this one:

If you get time, please vote for me over at the Bob Awards site. I'd really appreciate it.

Nah, that didn't sound like me. Too grownup and polite.

Okay, how about this:

Lovers of Eddie Izzard, Monty Python, Princess Bride, Star Wars, Love Actually, Jasper Fforde, children, kittens, puppies, sci fi, fantasy, dragons, families, education, children's books, Christmas. . . . hasten over to the BoB site and cast your vote for me? I love all those things, too.


Please go to the BoB Awards site and vote for me. If I win, I won't post about the baby's diarrhea running down the restaurant's high chair leg that time.

Nah, you people love reading about stuff like that. I know I do. Sigh.

Sarcastic yet loving? Whining yet grateful? Perhaps a little bit dysfunctional, but in a good way? Then you must live here! And I must be your mother! I THOUGHT you looked familiar. Wash your hands and get over to the BoB site right away, or you'll wish you had! And vote for me! Because I said so!

I greatly fear that one might have sounded just a teensy bit like me, but I'd rather get votes for coolness, rather than simple obedience.

Unfortunately, I forgot how to be cool years ago. I'm not sure I ever knew how.

Therefore, may I just say, please go to the BoB Awards site and vote for me? I'd be forever grateful.

And if you don't like me, then please go there anyway, and vote for someone else. There are a LOT of really good blogs out there, and they deserve some recognition. And, you'd be doing yourself a favor, too. You'll have lots of great reading, and it never says 'the end.' Well, sometimes they do but they never mean it.

Several awesome people have worked really hard to set this up; please tell them 'thank you' and that they're wonderful.

Thank you.

Love, Mamacita

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