Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Deja Vu all over again.

We are sooooo snowed in here.

The snow is taller than the cat. Poor thing, he tunneled his way to the deck, shimmied up the post, plowed through the snow again, and scratched at the patio doors till I heard him and let him in. He looked like one of those Hallmark snowbunny statues.

Because him's a good boy, he licked himself dry in no time at all, and took up residence on the sofa.

He's been in the house for several hours and still hasn't peed. At least, I don't think he has. I don't smell anything yet, so we're probably safe. I put a litter box in front of the patio doors but he doesn't seem to understand what it's for. Usually cats catch on really fast but this cat is a bit of a dim bulb where anything at all is concerned, so I'm hoping he isn't padding about the house peeing in our shoes.

We had over a foot and a half of snow when we got up this morning and it's coming down again.

Hub cleaned off the sidewalk and truck, and we did make it to town for a few hours. His truck badly needed some rear tires, and for some reason the tire store wasn't overly busy, so we left the truck there and walked across the parking lot to Bob Evans and had some supper. We picked up the truck, new tires and all, and started for home. On the way, he had a DVD to return to Family Video. I have a pretty good idea which Family owns that business, because if you're late, they come after you big time.

Or so I've heard. We've not been late yet, but I've heard the rumors.

Oh, the snow is really coming down! It's so beautiful. Already our tire tracks are nearly covered up. Our brand-new rear tire tracks, mingling with the pitiful smooth old front tire tracks.

The average will keep us safe.

All the way to town and back, the roads were lined with cars that just couldn't make it. Foolish mortals, didn't they know there was no way a regular car could possibly plow through snow that deep?

Hub's truck is very tall. I'd hate to see a video of me getting in or out of it. It would probably win first prize on 'America's Home Videos.' That wouldn't bother me too much, since I never watch it. And I could sure use the money.

I stopped by to see my cousin C, who is also one of my best friends, and we exchanged presents. Her Christmas tree was huge and gorgeous and REAL. Her whole house smelled good.

We made a few more stops to drop some gifts off to some beloved aunties, and then we started for home.

The snow had started to FALL, again, and it was slow going. But we made it.

And now here we are, all snowed-in, out in the country, all alone.

Just like we were all those years ago.

And we're probably going to do a lot of the same things.

You know, like play board games and make cookies and steam up the windows and things.

And check all the shoes for cat poop.

And watch a movie or two.

When all those things are done, I'll grade that woman's exam.

If I remember.
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