Friday, December 31, 2004

The Big Boy is multi-talented, and probably quite rich by now.

On the trip home today, I learned many things, one of which was that the Big Boy can make really good chocolate shakes. And his double decker special wasn't bad, either. Plus, he's a comic book hero! And he had the World's Biggest Christmas Stocking hanging on the wall of his restaurant. Right beside the restroom, which was a one-seater and not the cleanest in the world, but hey. World's Biggest Christmas Stocking.

How big was it, you are all wondering right now. . . . .

It had a stuffed SHARK in it. Lifesize. Well, if it was newborn. But newborn sharks are probably just as vicious as their parents. Heck, they would have to be, to keep from being eaten by their own family members.

It had a lot of other things in it as well, but the shark was what caught my eye as I stood in line for the one-seater restroom. I liked its sharp-looking felt teeth. So out-of-place inside that friendly grin. And the big blue eyes. And I poked through the net and discovered that it was very plush and soft.

If you are the owner of a restaurant which has only a one-seater restroom, may I suggest that it is NOT a good idea to have a tinkling fountain within hearing distance of the women in line for that one seat? Although I must admit it was very pretty. And very effective.

Another little suggestion, this one to the parents of the two little girls who sang the alphabet song non-stop and at the top of their lungs for thirty minutes without drawing a breath: Feed your kids at home. Thank you.

My ears are still ringing.

The World's Biggest Christmas Stocking. I guess my main question is, why was it still there? They should have given it away to a needy child.

That baby shark was MADE for hugging.

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