Sunday, November 28, 2004

Thanksgiving is over except it never really is.

I have so many things to be thankful for.

My family.

My friends.

My cat.

My job.

The mega-case of toilet paper stashed in the linen closet. (Hey, winter's coming; if you lived way out in the country you'd be thankful to have a stash of toilet paper on hand, too.)

My computer. (Even though it keeps going black on me with that stupid 'system 32\DRIVERS\Ntfs.sys' error thing, it still puts me in touch with all of you really cool internet people.) (And gives me free music.) (And lets me cruise Amazon and Ebay and Half.com, to buy Christmas presents for people.) (And stuff.) (Etc.)

Blog Explosion. (Nothing is perfect of course, but with all its faults, BE has proven to be a source of great comfort and company and enjoyment to me. Even the political blogs are fun to mock and whine about. And the ads are fun to add to my list of products to NEVER buy. And the motivational blogs are when I go to the bathroom.)

NEW friends. (Most of whom have blogs on BE. I haven't picked up an actual book in two months. This is of course disgraceful, but it's not like I'm not READING. I'm just reading, um, autobiographies right now. Yes. Autobiographies. And a little fiction. And a little fantasy. And occasionally, a little soft porn.) (You didn't read that here.)

The Party. (Not a political party, doofus. Look up at the title of this blog; I'm the old chick who hates politics. I'm referring to the real party. The GENUINE party. The one that was fun, not either of the ones that were childish.) (Does that link work? I've never done that before.)

My bed. (I can hear it calling to me as I type. Can you hear it? You can? Then get away from my window, you pervert. Or at least come to the door and knock. Sheesh.)

Friends. (I know I said it already, but it's important enough to say again. I'm thankful for my friends. Very thankful. I'd get all smooshy here but I'm way too sophisticated.)

Misc. things and etc. (All the stuff I'm thankful for that I forgot to mention by name on this post. There are many. They are important. I'm just too sleepy to think straight right now.)

Thanksgiving isn't just a one-day holiday, you know. It's every day we remember the reasons for our occasional smiles. Or even just one reason. Or even a glimmer of a smile.

That should be every day.

And it is.

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